928 Brooke Road
Falmouth, VA 22405
email: unicornfrm@aol.com

Unicorn Farm is a small kennel. We offer our dogs in the two most popular and classic colors -- Blenheim (red and white) and Tricolor (black and white with red markings). At most times we have ten Cavalier King Charles Spaniel adult breeding dogs, and we produce about 6 litters per year. For us it is quality, not quantity, that counts.

We have learned a lot since we began breeding animals in 1974. We have seen many trends come and go in the veterinary field, and with our years of experience we have made a study of separating the good advice from the not-so-good. We have always fed our nursing mothers and weaned our puppies on goat's milk from the farm. We began to introduce raw food into our animals' diet in the late 1990s, and have had nothing but great results since. Now our dogs receive the homemade, all raw Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet (please click on this link, http://www.barfworld.com, for details). Because it is 100% natural, this diet has extended both the length and the quality of our dogs' lives. They have beautiful coats, healthy teeth and sound digestive systems. Because this diet boosts their immune systems, an added bonus we have seen is the savings in veterinary bills. The owners of dogs adopted from Unicorn Farm -- most of whom keep in regular touch with us -- have reported the same results: beautiful, happy, healthy animals.

We also favor a holistic approach to maintaining good health in our dogs, wherever appropriate. We believe in integrating "natural" and "traditional" medicine. All our puppies and dogs are regularly checked by a traditional veterinarian and are given the standard innoculations and treatments as indicated. However, we strive to spare our animals' immune systems from chemicals in the form of vaccinations, antibiotics and insecticides as much as possible. For example, we add garlic and brewers yeast to our animals' diet to avoid flea infestations from the outset, instead of using potentially harmful chemicals to treat a problem that is preventable.

We are proud to have a world-wide family of happy Unicorn Farm customers. However, we do not ship our puppies. This is too stressful and potentially dangerous for such young animals. Instead, we extend an invitation -- come and share the joy of picking up your new friend right here at our farm.

We work hard but it is a labor of love, and we have fun here.
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